DP2 ROV Sub-Sea Operation Vessel

MMA OFFSHORE YARD, 13 Tuas Crescent Singapore 638707 and at anchorage offshore Singapore.

N  01°15’ 07.060

E 103°48 20.191

Owner: Solstad Offshore Pte. Ltd.

Inspection Carried Out: Helideck Friction Test pursuant to CAP 437 Edition 8

Inspection Carried Out: Helideck Perimeter Net Inspection

Inspection Carried Out: Annual helideck Inspection pursuant to CAP 437

Safe Helidecks Report Number: 1808SF-NOR AUSTRALIS-SHD

Safe Helidecks Report Number: 1808FTR-NOR AUSTRALIS-SHD

Safe Helidecks Report Number: 201808-NOR AUSTRALIS-SHD