Safe Helidecks Pty Ltd (SHD) and related businesses

specialise in all things relating to the safe, efficient and compliant operation of global Helidecks, Helipads, Hertiports and Helicopter Fuelling Systems.

SHD provides professional and cost effective inspection services, consulting as subject matter experts, assessments with full written reports, surveys of Helicopter Landing Areas (HLA) and are approved by Findlay Irvine for friction test capability.

Audits and/or inspections not only extend to the helideck/helipad but also to helideck/helipad surrounds, environmental factors, operations, helideck staff training, helideck staff personal protection equipment (PPE), safety and procedures. Helicopter refuelling installations are inspected and/or audited in accordance with UK CAA CAP 437, AU CASA AC 139.R.01 and best industry practice.

SHD offers a comprehensive logistics support and management solution for all matters relating to our industry and regularly provides full aviation operator / maintenance consulting and audit functions.

SHD is a wholly owned Australian company head quartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with an office in Perth, Western Australia. The working directors are committed to providing their customers exceptional service based on a combined 70+ years of experience in the helicopter and aviation industry.