Safe Helidecks Pty Ltd specialise in all matters relating to the safe, efficient and compliant operation of global helidecks, helipads and helicopter refuelling systems – be they onshore, offshore or afloat.

Safe Helidecks Pty Ltd conduct inspections, assessments and surveys of helidecks, helipads, helicopter refuelling systems and friction tests to ensure full compliance with United Kingdom, Australian and International Regulations, providing advice, detailed reporting and applying operational limitations or restrictions where appropriate.

Safe Helidecks Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company based in Brisbane, Queensland and the working directors are committed to providing their customers exceptional service based on a combined 60+ years experience in the helicopter industry.

At the end of a flight, it’s good to know that you are landing on a deck/pad managed by….
“Safe Helidecks”/ “Safe Helipads”

Member – Helicopter Association International (HAI)

Member – Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA)