Friction Testing Capability

Safe Helidecks have purchased the very latest version of the Findlay Irvine Micro Grip Tester and have full capability to service customers worldwide. All SHD’s staff have been factored trained by Findlay Irvine and work to the recommendations contained with UK CAP 437 Edition 8.

Below is an extract from CAP 437 that highlights why the FI micro Grip Tester must be used.

A friction measuring device, Helideck micro Grip Tester (MGT), should been used to conduct this survey and it adheres to the requirements set out in CAP 437. The requirements are:

  • Employs the braked wheel technique;
  • Able to control the wetness of the deck during testing;
  • Includes electronic data collection, storage and processing ;and
  • Allows the whole of the deck surface to be covered to a resolution of not less than 1m2.
12/12/2018 A week in the life of working for Safe Helidecks!
Today I travel to Singapore and start the process for an Indonesian visa and on Friday morning I’m on the ferry to Batam, Indonesia for my first job. I leave there late Sunday evening, back to Singapore and I’m on a flight to Amsterdam, via Dubai. Once there I hop into a rental at Schiphol Airport and drive to Rotterdam ready to start my next job. My return to Brisbane starts on Thursday and it’s again via Amsterdam and Dubai. Home at about midnight 3 days before Christmas, and all I have to do is write up the reports, send them to my customer and get ready for the festive season! Life can be exciting working for Safe Helidecks.