Safe Vertiports

The design, installation and ongoing oversight of vertiports is a critical part of this rapidly developing mode of transport and the importance of having safe, efficient and operationally practical vertiports is not lost on Safe Vertiports.

As technologies change there is little doubt that Advanced Aerial Mobility in various forms is well on its way. Many of the existing helicopter Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) including Bell, Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, and new market entrants such as Hyundai and Toyota are investing heavily in this unique mode of transport. There are already several prototypes flying and therefore it’s reasonable to assume that aircraft that fall into this category will be commercially certified to carry passengers in the very near future.

So, well before there are any commercial flights within the Advanced Air Mobility networks, they will need places to operate from.

Safe Vertiports is affiliated with Skyportz.